See your name, group name or favorite slogan, displayed in your custom designed grill. Watch as your word(s) come to life as your grill rotates through over 200 chase functions. Create any 12 letter combination and put a personal touch on your slingshot. Spell out your desired name, group name or favorite slogan in the notes section during checkout. 

*note Spaces count as one letter position.


Kit includes 

(2) 2 ft light strips with 4ft cord lead outs

(1) 1ft Ext cord

(1) Power Pack – power pack includes on off switch, from the battery power and ground harness, two distribution blocks. 

(1) 8 to 1 Splitter Box

(1) 1Bluetooth receiver with handheld remote.

(11J) Personalized 2020 Slingshot Chase Dynamic Grill (w/out LTN Kit install

    • Note this grill set up is for individuals who do not have our Dynamic Effects previously installed.

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