Chase Wheel Strips (9 strips)


If you have recently purchased a set of wheel rings and need upscale light strips you are on the right site.  Our custom-made strips are the perfect partner for any Wheel Ring. There isn’t another set of chase strips brighter, cleaner and more dynamic than the Lite The Nite LEDs chase strips. Captivate on lookers and the most refined LED enthusiast as your wheel rings change to over 200 different patterns. But that’s not all: shock and amaze everyone as your wheels respond to your voice and move to the beat of the music while changing patterns. 


Kit includes:

(3) 4 ft high definition chase light strips with 4 ft shielded cords (Driver wheel)

(3) 4 ft high definition chase light strips with 11 ft shielded cords (Rear wheel)

(3) 4 ft high definition chase light strips with 7 ft shielded cords (Passenger wheel)

(4) 2 into 1 Y connectors  

(1) 8 to 1 splitter box 

(1) Bluetooth receiver 

(3) Zarate Wheel rings

(8G1) Chase Wheel Ring 3 strip Kit (with wheel rings)

  • *Power Pack (24B) is required if our chase  system is not already installed on your vehicle.

    Chase Power Pack

    Note: You may need to purchase The Lite The Nite LED Chase Power Pack if power and switch have not been previously installed.The Chase Power Pack includes on/off switch, 11 foot ground and power wiring harness with 30 Amp inline fuse. Also the kit comes with two distribution blocks.