Lite The Nite LEDs (LTN) has done it again, the answer to bright lights at night and less noticeable strips during the day is here, LTN has developed a well-constructed tinted light strip that’s less noticeable during the day with outstanding glow at night. Change the total look from the front with these free-flowing extra bright mirror strips. This Blackout Chase Mirror kit has single color, multicolor modes, with over 200 preset chase patterns. And that’s not all, shock and amazed spectators as your entire bike flashes strobes and chases to the beat of your music, all of these dynamic functions are already built into our kits and requires no additional hardware or funding.


Kit includes:

(1) 2ft dynamic chase strip with 2 foot cord (drivers side)

(1) 2ft dynamic chase trip with 5 foot cord (passenger side)

(1) 8 to 1 Splitter box

(1) Bluetooth receiver with remote

(1) Mirror stem support brackets

(1E) Blackout Chase Mirror Kit

  •  Lite The Nite LEDs has labeled each individual light strip based on installation location, all cords are precisely measured to give a clean and neat appearance to your professional install.

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