Get more attention with your Can Am F3 attention getter. Our new chase kit is an outstanding addition to your Can-Am F3. Steal the show everywhere you travel as on lookers watch your F3 custom lights move to the beat of the music and respond to your voice. Watch crowds gather as your dynamic effects chase kit changes between 200 different patterns. This is the ultimate Can-Am light kit and it comes complete with a lifetime warranty.


Kit Includes

(1) Power Pack 

(1) Bluetooth controller

(1) 8 to 1 Splitter box

(5) 2 to 1 Y Connectors

(1) 3ft Extension cable

(1) 5ft Extension cable

(14) 2ft Chase Strips with 4ft shielded cords

(2) Zarate Wheel Rings (Front)

(14B) Cam Am F3 Chase Kit wit Zarate Wheel Rings


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