Chase Big Boss (Wheel ring)

This is the showstopper, exclusively designed by Zarate: our Big Boss (Wheel Ring) will shock and amaze the most experienced LED enthusiast. The combination of the Boss with Lite The Nite LEDs wheel ring chase kit, will instantly turn your wheels into the most talked about and photographed item on the streets.


Kit Includes 

(1) Set of Big Boss Wheel Rings (3 rings total) 

(7) 4 ft high definition chase light strips with 4 ft shielded cords (Driver wheel)

(7) 4 ft high definition chase light strips with 11 ft shielded cords (Rear wheel)

(7) 4 ft high definition chase light strips with 7 ft shielded cords (Passenger wheel)

(7) 2 to 1 Y connectors 

(4) 1 ft extension cables 

(3) 8 to 1 splitter box 

(3) Bluetooth LED controllers 

(1) Chase Power Pack – power pack includes on/off switch, from the battery power and ground harness, two distribution blocks. 


(8G). Chase Big Boss (Wheel Ring)

  • Chase Power Pack

    Note: You may need to purchase The Lite The Nite LED Chase Power Pack if power and switch have not been previously installed.The Chase Power Pack includes on/off switch, 11 foot ground and power wiring harness with 30 Amp inline fuse. Also the kit comes with two distribution blocks.

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