Chase Double headrests (roll bars)

There is no better way to enhance your overall rear visibility than by installing a double headrest/roll bar light kit. Installing a single or double color combination will definitely give your slingshot a next level appearance.


Kit includes 


(4) Two foot light strips with 4 foot cords.  

(3) 2 into one Y connectors 

(2) 5 foot extension cables 

(1) 1 to 8 spliter box

(1) Bluetooth controller

(1) 3 ft. extention cord



(4H). Chase Double Headrest Roll Bar Kit

  • Chase Power Pack

    Note: You may need to purchase The Lite The Nite LED Chase Power Pack if power and switch have not been previously installed.The Chase Power Pack includes on/off switch, 11 foot ground and power wiring harness with 30 Amp inline fuse. Also the kit comes with two distribution blocks.

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